Monday, July 20, 2009

Do siblings actually play together?

I don't know, maybe they just play around each other.
She certainly looks tired of playing with him, at any rate.
So he leaves her and makes up his own game, ever seen that one before?
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Little Picaso #2

Well, we're at it again over at Our House, and just when you thought things couldn't get messier, we busted out the fingerpaints!
That boy just loves to see himself get dirty. Ah heck, I love to see him all dirty,too.
What I do not like to see is my couch dirty. Or my table. Or my dogs, for that matter, they don't like fingerpaints, either.
But boy he sure is cute when he gets messy!
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I'm on my tummy again, and I need to be rolled over!
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Diggin' in the Dirt

It is almost inevitable that kids will dig. I have whole-heartedly embraced the fact that will get dirty.
He has explored all the corners of our back-yard, only to enjoy the absolute ugliest part, the bare patch behind the dog-house, close to the foundation. The dogs will dig small holes (ahem!) next to the foundation and lay in it when it is really hot out. Because the foundation and the bottom layer of dirt is cooler, it helps them when they are outside for any length of time in July & August. I certainly don't like this part of dog-reasoning, as we've tried to have shrubs back there, and it just looks bad.
Lukka has discovered all different types of things down there, and he has been stackin' up the hours spent in that little dirt hole. Bugs, rocks, bottle caps, and worms. In fact, reminds me of someone I used to know who could spend hours diggin' in the dirt, finding everything from beetles to rusty old nails. I love that boy.
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A Teddy Boat!

One of Lukka's favorite pastimes...stuffing all his found teddies ( we really have that many?) into a laundry basket and climbing in after them.
(Lukka-speak for "Hey! Stop taking my picture and grab the teddy that fell out! I can't reach him!")

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Book Review: Hands

Book Review-
Hands: Growing Up to Be an Artist by Lois Ehlertphotocredit

This is a really cute children's book we checked out at the library last week. Lately, Lukka has not only shown a deep interest in 'older' books (i.e. not board books), but a deep interest for 3 or 4 repeatedly through each day. We have read this book no less than 5 times per day since we got it last week. And truly, it is so cute, that I don't even mind the repetition.

Oh, who am I kidding, I LOVE that he wants to read books over and over, snuggled next to me with his blanket and puppy.

This is a visual story about a child who works alongside her father in his workshop with a 'case' of screw drivers (they are flip ups, so there is a box on the outside, and on the 'inside' a picture of said tools!), learns to sew & cut out patterns next to her mom, and plant a garden with both of them, painting pictures along the way. This book really encourages child 'participation' and is a fun read for moms or dads, too.