Saturday, June 23, 2007

At the Hospital

June 21-June 23
Lukka Karl Elijah Mast
@ Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Lincoln, NE.

Born on June 21 @ 1:39pm
8 pounds 7 ounces
20 1/4 inches

Sarah and I went in to the hospital on Wednesday night @ ~11pm b/c we weren't sure if her water had broke or not. After inspection the nurses determined that her water had not broken but they decided that they would admit her. At that point she was 2 cm dialated with irregular contractions every 5-15 minutes apart.

We stayed the night, I slept on the couch and got ~5 hrs of rest. In the morning there was very little activity and very little progress had been made through the night. Her contactions weren't picking up and she was only 3 cm dialated. Sometime between 8am-9am she was induced with Pitocin. Her contractions picked up to 3-10 minutes apart. Around 10:30-11am her water broke and the contractions became very very strong. Over the next hour she dialated to 9cm. At this point the pain was unbearable and she politely (...) requested an epidural. As I made the call to the nurse for the epidural she was in the middle of a contaction, and it was hard for the nurse to hear me over Sarah as she endured the pain. The nurses came in very quickly and within 20-30min she was hooked up with the epidural.

Like night and day her pain was gone. She relaxed and chatted with the nurses and myself. The monitors continued to show the contractions which were exactly 2 min apart and very strong. At 1:39 Lukka was born. I watched as his head appeared - it was somewhat emotional for me.

The rest can be described with the pictures: