Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Life These Days and Anikka Updates

A few updates of the kids' shenanigans and some baby updates.
(Seriously, one of the cutest pics of them together to date!)
First off, this picture is blurry for a reason--he won't slow down! Go Go Go! Into Daddy's shoes, into Mommy's flip flops, into pots and bans, and sand and mud. He loves to do adult things, and hey, if the shoe fits........... (I know, that was bad, sorry!)
But the little Peanut Lady? Why...she's a perfect angel. Here she says, "See Mom! I even like to read Bible stories!" I will remember that one in a few years!
Put a book next to her and she is instantly happy, Lukka has been enjoying books a lot more lately, it just took him under 2 years to know that his mama is going to read to them nonstop, so better enjoy it! Lukka was never enthralled with picture books like this, I can just see my dream coming true--a little bookworm from birth!
Updates: Anikka is rolling over both ways...but not that much, she just does it when she feels like it, (when Lu was her age, it was a CONTEST to see how far he could go by rolling!)
She has been sleeping from 7-7 before the 12 week mark (I believe this is 15 weeks now) and it has been GOOD for her mom! They both nap from 12-3:30, and it has been awesome to have life back to normal.
She is already starting to teethe! Lukka was an early teether, too, and she seems to be keeping up, already bringing fists to her mouth and chomping down! She started in on me, but 2 pinches on the nose and she didn't try that again! :)
Still loves to be swaddled at nap & night-time.
Loves to sit up, although is a long way off from doing it herself, does not like to be left alone but is a social butterfly. Instead of napping during our last trip to the Farmer's Market, she perked up the whole time (and she was in the sling, which always makes her sleepy!) and stared silently as hundreds of people milled about around her.
She is an extremely happy baby. If someone talks to her, her entire face lights up and she starts to coo and stick her tongue in and out. I think that is baby for "Man, I'm having fun!"
She is quite a chatty Kathy, of course, in her mama's tradition.
She had a full belly laugh last week! She was giggling from being tickled!
In other news, Lukka is almost 2 (June 21st) and has been such a great helper with her, from gently pouring water on her tummy during her baths, to fetching diapers and blankets, and even reading to her!
He is learning tons of words and will repeat almost every new word he hears. He has been fascinated with trucks of all kinds, and his favorite toy is, of course, a ball!
He loves to step up onto his stool and look out the window if he hears something outside, he can even differentiate the noises between a car (TAR!), motorcycle (Bik-uh!), and truck (TRRRuck!)
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby is an 80's Rockstar!

Here's the Bug entertaining himself in the baby's bed (his old pack n play).
Sleeping under her own little lilac bush.
She lovvvvvvvves to be swaddled. At just over 11 weeks, she is sleeping from 6:45PM-6AM! One more hour to stretch it to and she'll be perfectly aligned with the Bug's 7p-7a schedule. He's been on this ever since he was 12 weeks old, she'll be just a bit over 12 weeks!
With that headband and cool wool teether from my crocheting friend Lisa, she looks like she's ready to lip-sync lyrics to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun!"
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning and Hanging Around

This week we've been playing catch-up. Last week I had the car (!) for the whole week so I went somewhere fun with the kids (or just went somewhere to get out of the house!) every day. We had a great time. Here's the Bug playing dad's bass guitar-what a dude!
The Peanut Lady posing her selective smile.
We've had lots of grandma time this week since she has the week off. Stories, lunch out, and new shoes, Oh My!
And of course, catch up on chores like baking, cleaning & moping, and the never-ending: dishes.
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