Saturday, August 29, 2009

Zoo Days

One of our favorite activities is to walk down to the Lincoln Zoo when we have nothing to do. We have a family (+ 1) pass, so we can always bring a friend. On days where we need to get out but also need our activity to be free, this is the perfect solution. It is about 9 blocks away, and we can stay as short or as long as we want, since we don't "have to stay and get our money's worth". We got the dual Zoo + Museum pass for Christmas from my mom and I will be asking for that every year. We easily make up for it within the first few months of the year. And where else can you play in not one, but two giant sandboxes with free toys laying at your feet?
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Ani's Christmas Sweater

Just starting...barely making headway on her's since Lukka's was made on size 11 needles (her's are on 2's!). This is the yarn next to the picture of the pattern I will be making for her. So simple and cute, and pics of Lukka's sweater coming soon!
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In Review: We're Going On A Bear Hunt

In Review: We're Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosenphotocredit

The book We're Going On A Bear Hunt, first published in 1989, just recently made its way into our hands from our small local library. I have heard about this book from many people, but if you can believe it, I have never read it! It is a treasure, and although we picked up an English/Vietnamese copy (it has been translated into 17 languages, I believe), the pictures were perfect in their whimsical way, and my little Bug loved the repitition of the story. Through woods, snowstorm, and river a family travels to find a bear, and find one they do!

A sweet story to read before bed, and a very inspirational book to have on hand when thinking of making something for little ones. I think the illustrations of books are my favorite part, and these will somehow make it into my sketchbook for ideas for a later date.

Go read!

Sibling Games

Lately Lukka has taken to building things like 'house' (s) for his trucks;
a house for his duck,
and of course, he also enjoys reading to his sister.
Who doesn't look so pleased when she gets left in the middle of a story for a better looking toy. Tough break, kid.
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Baby Girl is 6 Months Old!

Hello, Peanut Lady, you sure are cute!
You are quite the character, you always crack me up with your funny facial expressions and absolute joy at being held by anyone you know! Not to mention, you love it when you are given a book. Ah, be still my heart!

Hello, World! Are you ready for this spunky girl?
Stats and Updates
Weight: 15 lbs 9 oz

Length: 26 1/4 in.

Likes: books, her big brother, cuddling, sleeping on her side, and getting warm baths!
Dislikes: any baby cereal, being hot (I hear that little Lady!), and being on her tummy for too long

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

In Review: The Snow Day


The Snow Day by Komako Sakai

This was a sweet, simple story about a little one staying inside for the day because of snow. Although the story is very minimalist, the artwork is lovely to look at. Sketchy and patchy with color, it reminds me a a lot of the artwork of Suzy Lee, artist of WAVE, which I reviewed awhile ago. The story is also good for either gender, as the story is about a bunny, and one could guess as to if a boy or girl. The clothing and speech of the little one could really pass for either or, making this a great gift for a boy or a girl starting school or for a winter present.
Very few lines, the story is mostly told through the pictures, and it is well done. A cute read from the library, for sure