Monday, June 22, 2009

Changes: Big 2!

On the official first day of summer, June 21st, my little Bug turned 2! He got a new bed:
and a few new toys (yard tools from the Montessori Store) not to mention two awesome dinners from all the grandparents!
Stay tuned for some cute birthday pictures (although not from my camera, wouldn't you know I was too busy enjoying than taking pictures!). Banner idea from Soulemama's The Creative Family.

This photo was taken from FIL's iphone, so a bit blurry. He's holding up "2" on each hand!
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Running Through the Sprinkler

I didn't think I'd have to teach a child how to run through the sprinkler. Oh well, when I got drenched, at least it cured me of the irritability that comes with Nebraska humidity.
Here's the little lady, perched happily on the covered porch wearing a diap. Look at those thighs! Man, what a cutie!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Bug's Climbing and Throwing Adventures

The last few weeks have been rough on the Bug (and the P.Lady), and sometime mid-last-week, Lukka decided it would be fun to crawl out ofhis crib. Rest assured, he was not stacking teddies in this attempt. He was merely climbing sideways Pippi Longstocking way up the side with his bare feet, and jumped/fell over the rail.
I was reading downstairs when I ran upstairs knowing that thump was probably him, that crying made it certain.
More than hurt (ouch, check out that bruise on his cheek), he was terrified, clutching me for over an hour on the couch (which ...NEVER happens!) and hanging out while watching a movie.
Fast forward a few days, and we are at my SIL's wedding rehearsal and Lukka is getting thrown up and down by dad, and one little misstep, and he felt about 2 feet onto the carpet....onto his bruise!! The poor guy! Today he still has a small remnant of coloring, but by the weekend it should be gone. He is one tough little dude, though, although, not to sure about the tossing for awhile! :)
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Knit Baby Legwarmers

Anikka checks out her new legwarmers, made by mamma.

Up close shot. These will fit her better in the fall, when they won't slide off as easily.
"Hey you! I might look like a little ballerina with my legwarmers and poufy sleeves, but I'm tough. Don't mess with me, punks!"
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Sibling Love

Wow, I just love these two pictures. These will be going in the wedding slideshows some day.... :)
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Hello, Morning!

"Oh! Hello there...You startled me!"
"I must look a fright! I haven't even had time to fix my hair! I must look silly!"
"No, really, you don't understand, my curls, they are just crazzzzy today!" (( Yawn)) and I'm still so tired!
"Augh! Just one final stretch!" Hello, Morning!
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Got Any More Good Books, Mom?

Seriously. Seriously loves to read. Oh joy! Both of my children love to read now, and in fact, we all camp together on the couch and read about an hour a day! That bookcase full of books sure is coming in handy now......
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Engine that Could

A few weeks ago this lady rolled right over a couple times...since then, she's just been lazin' around...knowing she could full well roll over again if she wanted to. She was content enough with that thought! Since then, though, she has gained a considerable amount of weight (!) and it's just not as easy as she remembers it! She has been trying with all her might to remember how in the heck she did that, and she has gotten quite close.
That's O.K babe; life is all two steps forward, one step back! No hurry.
Until then, I'll just keep turning you over when you're frustrated.

Check out local 'you pick' fruit&veggie farms in your area over at Our House.
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Book Reivew: Wave by Suzy Lee

Wave by Suzy Lee

This is one of my favorite kind of books. No words, just illustrations to tell the story. Author/illustrator Suzy Lee has done a few of these, and they are so popular they sell at my all-time favorite boutique store, Anthropologie!
Even the size and shape of the book evoke a long-horizon with wide views of the ocean.
This story is about battle of the wills-a little girl exploring the ocean and the ocean itself with one large wave in particular. A very dreamy illustration, it is done with watercolors and charcoal (I believe), and it is beautiful!
Childrens' books like this one is where I find a lot of inspiration, I could just look at them all day!
Found at my local library!