Monday, September 21, 2009

In Review: Baby Animals by Gyo Fujikawa

Let me be the first to admit I Love vintage childrens' books! (Check this site: LOVE!) Baby Animals by Gyo Fujikawa is a board book I was always checking out for Lukka at the library, and now for Anikka, too. It has the sweetest pictures of children with baby animals, and from horses to elephants to monkeys, what's not to love?
This is a tall board book, with such great illustrations that I have thought a lot about buying it just for the sake of looking at the pictures for embroidery purposes!
A sweet story of treating animals kindly, while still enjoying their unique characteristics, this is one of my favorite all time 'baby' books! If you have little ones at home, go check it out!
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Memorial Day Weekend

I know...I'm a bit late with these, but I couldn't not post them, since they are some of my favorite pictures of the summer!
Lukka nearing a Canadian goose. Kinda' fitting, I guess :)
Babies on the picnic blanket.
She loves to be outside!
Stefan doing a bit of dog training.
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Crazy Baby!!

Here's a sweet look at Anikka and Dad! One of my favs. Also notice the earrings!
Look at all that crazy baby curly hair!
This one cracks me up--as if I caught her in a scandal!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lu's first horse ride!

My best friend Emily owns horses, and she works at a number of ranches, too, riding for boarders who can't make it out during the week, and giving lessons. Yesterday she let us come out and see the babies, and gave Lu his first horse ride! On the way out, he saw all the horses outside eating and couldn't contain himself, "Horsies, Mommy! Horsie Snack (eating)!"
He loved every minute of it once he got over the preliminary jitters. This was just after we had the horse trotting, which was very fast for Lukka! The X-Small helmet was obviously too small for even him, just being a bit over 2, but I think this boy is a natural!
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