Friday, November 9, 2007

Solid Foods

Has anyone seen Gerber 'solids' lately? Their titles include, but are not limited to: Apple Strudel, Fresh Fruit Medley, Chicken Noodle Dinner, etc. etc. This stuff is mush and it is usually a dark orange color--they aren't fooling anyone! However, Stefan and I proceeded to fool Lukka into thinking it was 'yummy' by simply making 'woo woo' sounds and airplaning a small metal spoon into his mouth. He likes it! He has so far eaten rice cereal, squash, and today, peas (and he LIKED them!) Stefan recorded his first 'solid' meal, but I'll spare you the (very) long 2 minute video. Here's some new pictures of him we have from a trip to his Great-Grandma's house, Halloween, etc.

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