Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Lukka's first "drawing". He loved it.
The awesome board books we got at the library today. Did anyone else never know there were two toddler areas with a felt board, puppets + theatre, cozy chairs & rockers, knob games, and towers of board books in there? TREASURE!
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RT said...

LOL. We go to the library just to hang out! Liv loves to play there.

I think Lukka has a future career as an artist. Well done, little guy!

becklaw said...

how precious! Already a budding artist. Looks like he takes after his mama. I wish I would've seen your house too! Take some pics before you move! Which reminds me....any offers yet? Any idea on when you'll be moving? Are stefan's parents still living in Lincoln? Okay, enough of the third degree! Maybe we can get together when I come back to visit in June!
p.s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ikea too!