Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Drybees--new besties

In our house we've been trying something new, and we love them! Pampers--the brand I really love--were just getting to be so expensive. Top that off with gerber baby food (well, I learned my lesson on that, too--make your own!) we were spending abotu 90$/month on Lukka--I expected less than 30$ since I was nursing him! Don't even ask about the times he had a stomach bug...and all the nasty symptoms that went with it! S. and I researched online and talked to some friends who use them and so we decided to buy two. Two diaps, nappies, underroos. We found out he's a heavy wetter as there would be lines around his legs from going more than once! Although we have to get an absorber for them (or 3), they are going to be a great investment. I don't get grossed out by much (I have two big dogs that I "clean up" after, ya know!) and they are very easy to clean and are very stylish if you can believe it. So we decided to buy some more! On Saturday we're going to Milkworks to purchase about 5 more, and the Drybees brand just came out with a 'one-size' diap to fit your child all the way through their diaper years! Very cool! I am very confident that we can invest (estimate on the large side) $500 for diapers for 3 children or $9000 for disposables(scroll down for totals). Hmm, I'd rather go to Europe than throw more garbage away, how bout' you!!

Not only that, but one can even re-sell them in their in pretty good shape on craigslist or ebay to reduce that initial investment.
"When Mama's happy, everybody's happy!"

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