Monday, February 9, 2009

BabyMast Photos

This morning, while I was addressing some cards, I gave Lu the camera to fiddle around with, and upon seeing what he came up with, decided to blog some of them. :)
Outside view of neighbor's tree.
Crazy view of the doorway leading into the kitchen. He has "the eye". No?
Very large view of our pantry doors...from a little man's perspective, of course.
His wooden stoven with shadows. What's really funny is I was reading my blog roll today and my friend Lori's little guy was experimenting with photography, too! What a coincidence!
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Lori said...

Ha!! That's so funny! I think Lukka is a little better, and a lot less vain. :)

And I hadn't even seen the picture of Lukka with the potato head glasses on before I posted mine. They've definitely got the same sense of humor!