Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Children's Book Review: Help Me, Mr. Mutt!

This week on our trip to the library, I noticed that the entire shelf was filled with brand-new books. A good thing, for our tiny library (soon to be shutting it's door, sadly), being the least visited in Lincoln; books there are in poor condition or not at all recent. We picked up all the new ones that were Lukka's level for a bedtime stories, and this one happened to be my favorite. I think it would be best for 3+, instead of his under 2 status, but if I were to write my own children's book (a goal for me...ahhh...someday!) this is along the lines of what I would write. It is a humorous tale about an "Ask Ann Landers"-type-character, Mr. Mutt, and the advice he gives about certain *ahem* possibly annoying doggie traits. :) With replies written by a Queen Cat, this book is very entertaining for child and adult.

Read any good kids' books lately? Need a book for yourself? Hop on over to Our House blog, where I regularly do movie and book reviews.


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