Friday, June 19, 2009

Bug's Climbing and Throwing Adventures

The last few weeks have been rough on the Bug (and the P.Lady), and sometime mid-last-week, Lukka decided it would be fun to crawl out ofhis crib. Rest assured, he was not stacking teddies in this attempt. He was merely climbing sideways Pippi Longstocking way up the side with his bare feet, and jumped/fell over the rail.
I was reading downstairs when I ran upstairs knowing that thump was probably him, that crying made it certain.
More than hurt (ouch, check out that bruise on his cheek), he was terrified, clutching me for over an hour on the couch (which ...NEVER happens!) and hanging out while watching a movie.
Fast forward a few days, and we are at my SIL's wedding rehearsal and Lukka is getting thrown up and down by dad, and one little misstep, and he felt about 2 feet onto the carpet....onto his bruise!! The poor guy! Today he still has a small remnant of coloring, but by the weekend it should be gone. He is one tough little dude, though, although, not to sure about the tossing for awhile! :)
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