Monday, August 17, 2009

In Review: We're Going On A Bear Hunt

In Review: We're Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosenphotocredit

The book We're Going On A Bear Hunt, first published in 1989, just recently made its way into our hands from our small local library. I have heard about this book from many people, but if you can believe it, I have never read it! It is a treasure, and although we picked up an English/Vietnamese copy (it has been translated into 17 languages, I believe), the pictures were perfect in their whimsical way, and my little Bug loved the repitition of the story. Through woods, snowstorm, and river a family travels to find a bear, and find one they do!

A sweet story to read before bed, and a very inspirational book to have on hand when thinking of making something for little ones. I think the illustrations of books are my favorite part, and these will somehow make it into my sketchbook for ideas for a later date.

Go read!

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