Thursday, October 18, 2007

laughing out loud

Stefan and I have a typical boy. The other day Lukka was standing up on his little 3 month old legs when our two dogs, Arjax and Atreyu started to play. Playing in 'dog terms' is actually a nice term for an outsider. This involves showing very sharp teeth, growling, and pawing at each other (mind you they each have 16 very sharp claws on the ends of those paws) and just generally hopping around the place like banshees. I was just about to yell, "Dogs, Stop!" when all of the sudden the most peculiar sound comes from the munchkin. He laughs out loud. This was not to be confused with his happy pratter that he does all day long. This was loud, full, and had a bit of a snort hanging onto the end of it. He was-- being a typical boy-- laughing at these rough-housing dogs. He has only done it one other time since that day (about a week ago). His uncle Kurtis was flying around the room like a baby Jetson, swooping down to hover above the couch before zooming up into space again, and there it was...the laugh-snort. As Kurtis has just flown to Zambia to help out his aunt and uncle who are missionaries there, we will have to find something else that is entertaining to Lukka...and doesn't involve 160 pounds of dog banging into my hardwood floors.

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