Friday, October 19, 2007

new pictures

This hat was on his head everytime he wore any color except red, because that is the only color that didn't match. I love this pic because it shows his dimples, or rather his dimple. He is just relaxing in Oma Mast's arms, looking adorable as usual.

Another very cute one, however Lukka looks a bit shocked, as if taking this picture was a bit scandalous to him.
Here is his "Gerber Baby" shot, as in, he looks just like the gerber baby! Also, not to be confused with the female Gerber as his lips are quite rosy and he has pink cheeks. I think maybe he was a bit warm.
The happy family + 1 pair of extra large sunglasses.

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Lourdes said...

LOVE the shades... oh.. and cute family too.

(JK - Looking good, Family!)