Saturday, December 22, 2007

Learning to Crawl

Lukka is showing us how determined he is to become more mobile. He has been really pushing up on his arms so that his stomach is not touching the ground, but today he pushed himself up so much that he was able to support himself with his knees, too. Stefan and I watched, took pictures, and thought about the dreaded day we would have to remember to shut doors on the second story and buy a gate for the first story of our house (so he wouldn't crawl and, eventually, fall down the stairs). He will inevitably become more curious about outlets, as they will be eye-level, and he'll pick up anything on the floor my Swiffer missed. But today, we just enjoyed this new stage, because we know it will be awhile...ok, at least a few weeks!

(Disclaimer: Stefan was running at 9 months, Lukka just passed his 6 month-mark!)

Sorry for the second picture's grainy/fuzzy quality, but it shows the 'knee master-ship' best. The third pic is Lukka lost in a sea of white! It is his fleece snowsuit and he can hardly move in it. Can you tell which is Randy (from A Christmas Story) and which is Lukka?! :)

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