Friday, December 14, 2007

A Slow Week

Well, if you'd been following our other blog,, you could know that Lukka has been very sick this week--some rampant form of the flu we think, as 6 adult family members all came down with the same thing after holding him for as little as an hour! He had a temp (albeit minor) for the following three days after the ER visit, and I didn't take him outside for that time (and did lots and LOTS of laundry). Thursday we went to my grandmother's house to visit her, my mom, and my aunt, and he was fussy for most of the time...still needed rest. It's amazing to me how much babies need (and are not afraid to tell you in the form of : whining, crying, sniffling, pouting, etc, etc.). One more thing to put on the 'baby needs' checklist is a humidifier, something I'm sure we can find by rummaging through some basements of relatives who aren't using theirs.
Here's a picture that I took this week of Lukka getting over his stuffy nose/flu. He is happiest in dad's arms (of course, dad isn't the one putting ointment all over him, draining his nose, putting a thermometer you know where!) and by the look of it, you wouldn't even be able to tell he's sick!

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