Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chaotic Week

Well, I have another weird-nap post. It seems these things are happening all over the place! Lukka has had 'weird-napping' status for the last week and a half (has it only been that long? It's been torture!) and this week came down with a fever that I think is related to not getting enough sleep during the day, and getting two new teeth, possibly more (he is like a faucet! Thanks J for those wonderful super absorbent {and so cute} knit bibs!). The last few days he fell asleep in the afternoon, today it was 10AM. I hate this chaotic feel when there isn't a simple routine...hopefully this is the 'sickness' speaking and when this is over (saying that with crossed fingers), he will go back to napping around 1-3, like normal.

Oh please tell me this will happen? I miss my little angel!

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