Thursday, February 21, 2008

Revenge of the Nap-Taker

Well...he took an excellent nap for one we're on day two of no naps. Just talked to a friend over the phone and she said her little one did the exact same thing around the same age. I'm going to try her advice: switch him to a very regular eating schedule (3 meals a day). This made his crazy awake periods cease when I started him on solids a few months ago, too, so I am very hopefull. He has only been having one 'real' meal a day (i.e. pureed food instead of nursing) and she said to start having (after nursing) 3 meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I just started this morning with papaya for breakfast (he never got breakfast before) and then a full meal for lunch (usual is some sort of meat and a few veggies, if he's still hungry, then some fruit), and a hearty dinner, too. Lord, help me with my frustrations.

In other news, story-time is getting better at our house. My eight-month-old (today!) sits in my lap while I read, and he's beginning to like it, although for longer stories...he can only stay in one spot so long. These are a few of what I've been reading:

(How many of you knew Baby Bug was 1/2 Canadian?!)

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