Thursday, February 14, 2008

Free Things in Lincoln

I love me some free anything. Last week at my church's moms' group, someone was telling me about Lincoln Safari. I hadn't heard anything about it, but because I'm not teaching with CLC anymore, I am not up to date on free things or 'things to do' around town. However, being as Lukka will be walking within the next few months, coupled with better weather, I knew we'd be outside a lot this spring/summer/fall, so I decided I'd listen up. All ya hafta' do is sign up on the website linked above and then go to one of the 'pickup locations' to collect your items (tote bag, pencil, crayons, map, collection book, and drawing cards) and start your adventure. Anyone can sign up, you can do all of these activities in a week or the whole year--no matter. There is also a "Calendar of Events" around town all summer (usually held at local libraries) where you can use your 'drawing cards' to win BIG free things like: this, this, and this...not bad! Stefan and I love to be outside and take our dogs on walks during the spring and summer, and this is now something we can do with Lukka, too. Each spot on the map has a post with a different 'rubbing' that you're to copy into your collection book--I am really looking forward to this...or maybe I'm just really looking forward to spring. Nonetheless....FREE STUFF!

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