Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What We're Reading This Week

When I used to work at Barnes and Noble a few years ago, one of the perks was free books! Every quarter, there would be bargain books that wouldn't sell, all the way to game books, stationary, and the like. I usually worked between 25-30 hours a week, so I got to score quite a number of items. I will post what some of those are later on, but one of my favorite children's books (in the three years there, I probably scored about 30 brand new children's books alone there!) is Little Polar Bear and the Husky Pup, by Hans De Beer. It isn't a fancy, boutique book, just a sweet little story about two of my favorite animals! The illustrations are very standard, and the main three colors are brown, greens, and white. It was the first longer story book Lukka was at full attention to (well, for most of the time!).

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