Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lukka's Scrapbook, Installation #2

These two pages are each "Mom" or "Dad". The left is Dad, complete with all Sepia colored photos, and some odd paper I found in this bag. The "Mom" page is decked out in 1915's-era stickers on "StoryBooks" and "Reading Time". The colored pages behind the pictures are original pages from one of many Beatrix Potter books. My two favorites.
Oma page. This little outfit is one of the first outfits he was to receive as a newborn, and one of my favorites with his cute sailor hat. The bottom left picture is a card from Punch Studio (I LOVE these cards, I have about 5 packs of them, and I can always think of ways to dress up the scrapbook with their 1910-20's era feel) while putting two green heated-wax sealer (star) for a dress up on some old fashioned wall paper. So cute! (Hint: another Punch Studio card is on the "Mom" page.)
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