Friday, January 11, 2008


Anyone had to have their napper drastically switch their naptimes? Lukka has been crying in his bed for an hour the past week or so and I still think he needs a nap....sometime during the day. Any thoughts, moms? Has anyone had to put their little one to bed at a totally different time? This is the only thing that helps him nap well other than being swaddled.

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Lori said...

To be honest, I haven't been very good with keeping Caleb on a great schedule. I just know he needs a nap in the morning, and if he gets a little snooze (whether it's in the car or on my lap) I call it his "afternoon" nap. Sometimes he takes a long one though and just two days ago, he took three good naps in one day. I'm not an organized person, if you can tell. :) I kind of just go by what works with my schedule (is that bad?) and go by his cues. (Rubbing his eyes, getting really cranky for no reason, over-reacting, and doing the "blankie test", which is putting his favorite blankie over my shoulder while I'm holding him and if he leans on that shoulder, he's telling me he wants to sleep.)