Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Lukka is nearing his 6 1/2 month-old mark and the kid still likes to be swaddled. In fact, if we don't wrap him up burrito-style, he can't fall asleep. Example: the last few weeks he has been spoiled with the 'swaddle king', aka Stefan, who was on vacation for Christmas and New Years. Only once was Stefan not the one swaddling him, and that day he rolled around in his crib and cried for over an hour. I just can't pack him in there tight enough! Stefan came home to a teary-eyed, over-tired child, and he swaddled him once and within ten minutes he's out. Does any wife out there know how this makes me feel? Completely unable to do even the simplest thing, that of course, my husband beats me at...and this is MY foray! I stay at home with Lukka...I should know how do to these things just as well, if not, better than, Stefan! I sometimes even get a look like, "So what do you really do all day"?! So as I began to write this blog post, Lukka was crying going down for a nap, and I'm praying he'll sleep. I packed him in as much as my puny-by-comparison arms would allow, and by the end....(sigh)...he's asleep.
(Pic: Lukka at a few weeks)

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