Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reading to the Busy Bee

What do you read a 7 month old? Anything I want to! I want Lukka to like reading, so I let him chew on my books if he's interested, and every day try to pull him into my lap for a 'story time'. He usually likes to sit in the crook of my crossed legs, which to me is strange for how curious and newly-mobile he is (see last post). I love to read him board books, but get so bored (ha, I know) with the same 5 we have. Usually, I just leave those out for play time and let him chew on them, and make 'story time' special with a different book every day. This week has been my favs, the Beatrix Potter set. I wish I had this set in her original, small editions, but I have a big set that I assume was on sale at B&N when I bought them. Also, for Christmas, I 'got' Lukka (ok, this was obviously for me!) the Beatrix Potter journal, i.e. the "Egyptology" of Peter Rabbit's creator. Oh well, still the same whimsy and spirit as Ms Puddleduck would say!

On another note, the family and I went to the library tonight and "The Daring Book for Girls" was one I picked up. I had noted it's brother, "The Dangerous Book for Boys" at B&N earlier last year, and was firmly decided I must have both for our children (ok, so child, but hopefully, someday a girl will be in our future, too!) Here's a look at the two websites: Boys, Girls. Such an awesome idea! Click on over to the Big Kids' Table to check out what us 'big kids' are reading.

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